Saturday, May 28, 2011

Breaking News - Debt Collector Discovers Barack Obama Committed Real Estate Fraud - Video Just Released

By Nicholas Contompasis
My correspondence with an operative investigating this Obama Real Estate Scam

May 28, 2011
Anonymous Operative
Obama's Real Estate Fraud - "Jane Stuart is the judge living in Obama's house at 5046 in Chicago, she was living there before Obama bought it, or allegedly bought it. I have a buddy in real estate there, last Wednesday, he went to the deed recorders office and I got the current stuff on the house to be sure what I got previously was accurate. Jane L. Stuart is a gay black judge that does liens, property judgments and evictions, the key to all of this is Rezko and Auchi, there is a pool of real estate properties that seem to stay in inventory and keep getting turned over constantly and they keep using the same banks, lawyers and CPA's. It seems much has gone through some weird hands and no one is tracking the same people.
Rezko's house in Wilmette went into foreclosure in 08, then the loan was sold to Bank of America. Then it was to be auctioned, I don't think it ever was, in the mean time where is the wife living?"

Rezko - Convicted and is supposed to be serving time in jail.
"I have a buddy that is an Inspector General at DHS and he checked both the Illinois Inmate System and the Federal system and Rezko is not there..........hummmmm"

Nick - "By the way, this sounds like one of the most sophisticated real estate straw-man operations I've come across. The technique was prevalent in the '90s and '00s. It was commonly used in the darker side of the industry, where they turn real estate over and over again. It is part of the big housing scam that has been sinking Freddy and Fanny for decades and has cost the American tax payer at this point trillions of hard earned tax dollars. If only the American people would wake up.
Anyway, they take the money when refinancing or selling homes using inflated appraisals, fictitious individuals, names, social security numbers, tax returns and employment verification.
Chicago politics has been known for it's ability to squeeze out Wise-guy operations while taking them over themselves, thus the magnitude of corruption in the Windy City. They then use the money to reinforce their power over the city. Everything from killings at the highest level and election fraud is bought with this money. Everyone gets paid off and if you threaten to talk, there's an off duty cop to do the offing.
Since Holder is AG nothing can be done. It drives me crazy to watch this going on in the second largest city in America. And now Emanuel runs the casino, you wonder why he would want such a job. A bankrupt city with money draining from the coffers. He's now guarding the secrets that could take Obama down. How do you break through the wall of corruption when you only have a iPad, and anyway where the Fuck is Rezko?"

Sunday May 29, 2011
Anonymous Operative - "Hi there again, this all got real legs in 2005, but it has been going on a long time. The real effort was to buy up property where the Olympics was going to be, hence, then selling it to build the infrastructure for the Olympics, when that failed, all that property went into foreclosure. I have trails and names and photos on that. Money and loans went through such places as the University of Chicago, the water company, the education fund. This cant be done without complicity from key people in key roles. 
BTW, it should be noted that Daley et al, sold much of Chicago's public revenue items to a company called Cintra, things like parking meters, public parking lots, etc. Now who is at Cintra, the King of Spain, remember last year when Moochelle Obama went to Spain without Obama and had a meeting with the King??? Obama has 2 good friends in Chicago, Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker, one owns the parking spot, which has public parking lots all over the country and the other is a doctor, who helped write the healthcare bill. Penny Pritzker of the Hilton clan, is in real estate and she helps do the real estate deals.
Obama's Achilles heel is in Chicago, we need to concentrate there."

Nick - "So they bought all this property and handed the debt back to the tax payer by defaulting on the mortgages. These people have no sense of responsibility or morality, and they run our country now. We are so screwed, jail would be to good for Obama and his crew.
But, this doesn't explain Obama's house which was addressed in the video, having many transactions and owners, owners that are part of a foreclosure mill."

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