Sunday, May 29, 2011

Iran Plans for Their Very Own Internet - These People Are Dumber Than You Think

By Nicholas Contompasis

Every society in history that have tried to isolate its people have imploded in utter failure. This action by Iran to create their own intranet is very telling of an archaic mind set that has been abandoned centuries ago by the rest of the world.

Iran Will Create its Own Internet

By James Woodfin

Iran has inserted itself into headlines again. Instead of using psychological warfare and other efforts to create obstacles for the West, Iran is launching a different kind of war. Iran is launching a war on the Internet and is creating its own. This is another effort by Iran to decrease the influences of the West, according to the original Wall Street Journal article.
Iran’s telecommunications chief claims that, in two years time, all Iranians will be forced to use a internal, state-controlled (censored) Internet. He says about 60 percent of homes and business will be on the new Internet even sooner. The Islamic state sees it as a way to uphold Islamic moral values. One wonders if they can truly block the world’s Internet.
Iran has been facing problems in its own country due to the proliferation of pro-democracy blogs and anti-regime activity since the uprisings in other Middle Eastern nations started earlier this year. Top officials support internet regulation as a way to stop what they see as a war waged by the West.
Iran will roll out a parallel network with the current one and then make a full and final switch to its own Internet. The 11 percent of Iranians, or approximately 8.5 million people, who have internet access, will be forced to use a non-Microsoft operating system and a national search engine called “Ya Hagh” (Oh, Justice).

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