Sunday, May 29, 2011

Breaking News - Greece Reaches Terms on Bailout - Imagine If This Happened to America

By Nicholas Contompasis

European leaders are negotiating a deal that would lead to unprecedented outside intervention in the Greek economy, including international involvement in "tax collection and privatization of state assets," in exchange for new bail-out loans for the bankrupt economy of Greece.
Here in the United States experts are saying that if we continue our current financial course, China within ten years could be acting as the Internal Revenue Service taking your hard earned wages to pay them the interest due on our national debt.
National parks and their mineral rights would be owned by the Arab's where oil rigs would replace redwood trees and camp sites. Oh, and forget about the environment they'll just want their oil and they would be within their legal rights to collect.
Everyone has been saying, watch Greece. Well they've been correct. This is why everyone in America must learn and understand the fiasco that is Greece, and most of Europe.
Excess government debt will only lead to a loss of sovereignty and in the end the debtor will eventually be taken over by the holder of the debt.
Yes, because of the plundering and mismanagement of our government, our children and future generations will be speaking Mandarin and Arabic if it doesn't stop now.
As for Greece, they are now facing the abyss. Will they accept their fate or will they riot and burn what assets they have to the ground leaving a devastated third world country? Well, to use a worn out phrase, "Only time will tell."

Update 5/30/11
“@zerohedge: CIA Warns Of A Greek Military Coup, Rebellion, If Austerity Intensifies

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