Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Are Kidding Right?

By Nicholas Contompasis

You are kidding, right? You’re surprised that Egypt has imploded along with most Middle Eastern countries? Well open your eyes people. On June 4, 2009 President Barack Obama delivered what I call his “Third World Liberation Speech.” I know, you missed it, right?
Look at the timetable of this reversal of thirty years of careful tiptoeing through the landmine laden Middle East. This President knowingly gave false hope to the millions of oppressed people in the region and walked away. Yes, he dropped the bomb and walked out of the room.
President Obama’s message reached even into the theocratic state of Iran where millions demonstrated just eleven days after his speech in Egypt. That demonstration against one of the most corrupt elections in history went nowhere, with people being hanged to this day for opposing the results.
This President has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, or the power of his position.
Now, follow the timeline of events. After desperate appeals from the Iranian people for intervention by the West, he did nothing while they were slaughtered on the streets of Tehran. The rest of the region wondered what was up. He pushed freedom from oppression, but didn’t back it up when the time came. So, the people of the region sat back and waited for almost two more years before attempting a move against the police states that ruled them, thus, the current implosion and future instability of the Middle East. Thank you, Mr. Obama for leading these poor people into the future ovens of radical Islam. Your nonexistent foreign policy and amateurish stunts just could kill thousands if not millions in the Middle East, destabilize the region and cause a massive Exodus of millions of Jews to parts unknown. Who will take them Mr. President, you? I doubt it, if your past lip service is any indication.

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DeanO said...

I stand and applaud! Very well said...only time will speak for the fruit of Mr. Obamination's antics and words.