Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rape of Lara Logan – The Rape of America

By Nicholas Contompasis

By now most of America has heard of the rape of Lara Logan, or have they? News was released yesterday that a mob of pro-Democracy Egyptians beat and raped this stunningly beautiful reporter for CBS’s 60 Minutes. The tale is horrid, if you’ve taken the time to read up on it. The thought of this South African by birth reporter, being consumed by a sexually repressed male mob of Muslims should send shivers up every Christian or Jewish woman’s spine.

It appears that the pro-Democracy hoards in Egypt had other things on their minds and it wasn’t freedom. It was more like rape, beat and pillage. It’s been reported that the word “Jew, Jew, Jew” was yelled as she was continually raped and beaten. Hmm, could this be considered a hate crime? Where are all those ACLU lawyers when you need them?

Moving on, over the past few weeks I’ve had to endure gobs of adjectives from Liberals across the media spectrum who described this movement as a wonderful renaissance of the Middle East. Well, I wonder how they’re feeling today after this beating and rape of one of their own? It was bad enough when CNN’s Anderson Cooper and other male media talking heads were beaten, but when a beauty like Lara is raped by a pro-Democracy Muslim mob, it all seems to hit home for the average American.

As more information trickles out about the rape, I’m sure the American Liberal Left aren’t feeling so “warm and cuddly” about their experimentation with the new social networking tools on primitive third world peoples. It’s obvious that this story was held for several days with the liberal Left media-types scurrying around trying to figure out how to spin this tragedy.

Of course, the Logan family should have their privacy, but the symbolism of this rape speaks volumes to the radical Muslim movement that’s sweeping across the globe. It should be noted that the rape of Lara Logan could someday be the “Rape of America.”


Barry Robinson said...

Hey Nick
I agree with all you say!! I follow Pam Gellar's blog. I am amazed at the people who cannot or refuse to see what is happening in the world! To me it is so obvious, and the whole world should be up in arms, destroying this evil horde! Bush had it right, about " axis of evil" he just had the wrong "evil" group. I am afraid there will be much, much more of this type of tragady, against Christians & Jews

Anonymous said...

So very disturbing that anyone would have to endure such a horrific violation at the hands of a primitive, barbaric bunch of animals. Thankfully, she escaped with her life.