Monday, February 14, 2011

We've Lost Turkey - The Rise of Radical Islam and Its Global Reach

By Nicholas Contompasis

While you were watching the Egyptian military take control of their country, in Turkey, their counterparts were being arrested and thrown in jail. Make no mistake about it, this is a big deal and the generals in Egypt should be taking notes on what happens when you let Democracy in and the people elect strict Islamists into power.
To put this in simple terms, the guys who did everything they could to stop the influence of a radical Muslim movement in Turkey have now been thrown in the clink.
These pro-western generals and admirals are now facing God knows what for conspiring against the new Islamist government in Istanbul.
Rumblings of discontent from this government towards the West have had many in European capitals and Washington worried that they have lost Turkey to the radical Islamist movement now taking over much of the Middle East.
Turkey, a NATO ally, is now at a crossroads. The action they have taken against these high ranking military officers is the template that will be used to neuter pro-Western militaries that still control some Middle Eastern countries like Egypt.
You are now watching the crumbling of the West's century old control of the region, to be replaced by a monolithic Islamic nation under the rule of clerics that follow Sharia Law. Some are now saying "How Turkey goes, so goes Europe."
In America, Congressman Peter King of New York will be holding special hearings on radical Islam in America. Let's hope he's able to expose this cancerous tumor that is spreading across the globe in it's attempt to dominate all, and turn the clock back four hundred years on a modern Western society.

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Anonymous said...

The Middle East is where civilzation began and it will be where it ends. AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!