Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Death of Israel and How It Will Happen

By Nicholas Contompasis

Believe me, I take no pleasure in writing this article about the demise of Israel, but it now seems so obvious to the logical mind that the country of Israel will soon be discarded as an idea that just didn’t work in the high tech age of the twenty-first century.

With the past weeks of Islamic rebellion in most Arab states surrounding Israel the die has been cast. I won’t bore you with the now well known use of Facebook and Twitter to stir up the natives, but it will be these very social tools that will destroy Israel.

These very social networks that have toppled President Mubarak after three weeks will be used to send out a call, for example on April 20th for all people of these Muslim nations to gather at their Israeli borders. When enough people have congregated, like a mob scene from hell, millions will simply cross over the Israeli borders and overpower the country by sheer mass. Israel’s modern military will be powerless in stopping this wave of men, woman and children as they spread across the land like a plague of locusts.

By a very conservative calculation expect two million to invade from Jordan, four million from Egypt, two million from Syria, one million from Lebanon, the Gaza will have at least one million and the West Bank will send two million.

Israel, with its mere eight million souls will be smothered by an invasion of twelve million Muslims, fifty percent greater than its total population. This twelve million is only ten percent of the one hundred and twenty million that could potentially cross over into Israel.

Some will be armed, some will kill, some will destroy, but the destruction of Israel will be complete, leaving millions of Israeli citizens slaughtered in the streets of every city throughout the land.

The Obama Administration will sit on the sidelines watching while the second holocaust of the Jews occurs. They will again be purposefully, a day late and dollar short in condemning the slaughter.

The pure act of violence by private citizens towards a people who they’ve hated for centuries will be condemned by their Islamic governments but will be greeted with signs of glory for the victorious hordes.

Israel will be no more.

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