Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m Telling You, This Obama Guy is Not Real

By Nicholas Contompasis
"Okay, okay, okay, I know it sounds like paranoia, but this President and his pronunciation of some English words are sending me to the dark side. Just this morning, someone called up a national talk radio show and revealed that our President Obama, last week while attending a function at Penn State, mispronounced another word. This time the word was nittany as in nittany lion, the school’s mascot. He pronounced it nittaly. Where he got the “L” from, I have no idea. It’s as though he’s never heard the word before. Nevertheless, this obvious mistake has to be added to his two other major mispronunciations of English words while giving speeches.
Let’s not forget about the first word he mispronounced, “Orion” when he was addressing a green company in the Chicago area in 2009. Then there was “corpsman” which he repeated incorrectly at the National Prayer Meeting in Washington last year.
Most American’s would blow this off as just a mistake, but people like myself, who’ve been around many from overseas who’ve come here at different stages of their lives to settle, can tell how long they've been here by their use of the English language.
Anyone who mispronounces as many words as this President and throws a baseball like he does, sure wasn’t raised in America, it’s just that simple. It’s as though he was educated overseas and sent here later in his adult life. He was book-learned in English but didn’t live around it, so that he could be corrected when he used or pronounced a word incorrectly.
It’s all very strange and keeps on pushing and nudging me into that dark corner of my mind where conspiracy lives, a place that this President may have been created."

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Anonymous said...

This seems to be the right wing striking back at Obama for all the comments about the sophmoric ignoramus they put in the White House for 8 years.