Friday, February 4, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood Assassination Attempt on the Vice President Omar Suleiman of Egypt?

By Nicholas Contompasis
Yes, it’s Friday night and that’s when the media lets out the bad news. It appears that the new Vice President in Egypt several days ago escaped an assassination attempt that killed two of his bodyguards. Now turn the clock back to a few days ago when Mubarak supporters just happened to show up on the streets of Cairo and kicked the hell out of the pro-whatever anti-government demonstrators. Could it be that the thugs’ representing the Muslim Brotherhood botched their assassination attempt and the Egyptian secret police along with the disbanded police force went into the streets to get revenge? Now that makes sense, but you won’t hear that from any news outlet. Yet, all media has held this very important bit of news till Friday evening when it would have less impact in the West. Remember the Obama Administration is touting this uprising as a pro-democracy movement that he started with his speech in Cairo almost two years ago. For this uprising to be categorized as a Muslim Brotherhood rebellion would diminish Obama’s stature in the region and in the West. Not to mention this entire incident could be a deal breaker in his 2012 re-election run.
Have you noticed that the White House Press Corp has become impatient with the President for not being available during this critical time? They even went as far as to issue a formal request for an explanation on what the hell is going on. Well, it just could be that the President has been shooting himself in the foot this past week. With a Muslim Brotherhood’s attack on the duly-appointed Vice President of Egypt it has made his attempts to legitimize the Brotherhood look amateurish and naive.
While this President tiptoes through the tulips of his mind, the Middle East is no place to be practicing foreign policy. You either know what you’re doing or you get the hell out and turn it over to someone who does. To be very frank, as an observation, if you’ve noticed, this past week the President didn’t look so hot. He looked disheveled, confused and tired when making personal appearances. This whole President thing just could be way too much for him to handle.

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