Monday, February 7, 2011

Economic Freedom vs Economic Slavery Obama Style

By Nicholas Contompasis

Slavery in America 150 years ago meant, if you were a black person, you worked day and night for nothing, that’s right, no pay, nothing! Slavery in America use to mean the slave master provided your daily food and shelter. That slave master controlled what you ate and where and how you lived.That was slavery for the black’s brought in from Africa under southern white ownership prior to the Civil War which ultimately ended this heinous practice.
No man, women or child should ever have to experience slavery, especially in America. It seems that slavery is starting to make a comeback though and this time the tables are turned. With new energy regulations and ObamaCare the word slavery is about to be resurrected from the ash heap of bad ideas. If both of these bad ideas come to fruition, you the working stiff will become the walking dead or in other words “SLAVES”.
Why sound so harsh, because it’s true and as these two socialist programs take hold you will gradually feel the tightening of the slave master’s collar around your neck.
So, maybe it’s time to ask, what is freedom to you? The amount of drugs you can do or how many men or women you can have sex with? Probably neither but if you’re normal, you work, you have families and frankly you want to be left alone to raise those families. To be normal means you want government as far away from your family as possible.
Now, let me tell you what freedom really is.
Freedom is simple to define. Freedom is simple to understand. Freedom is simply the amount of money you take home every payday. After taxes the take home pay you have is what buys you the life you have and without that take home pay you are a slave. It’s that simple. As taxes increase to support a bloated government, the amount of your take home pay will become less. With the over spending the government is now doing, even the value of that ever diminishing take home pay will buy less and less. That is the tightening of the slave masters collar around your neck.
When these two programs mature, by 2020 the government that you would prefer out of your life will be so in your life they’ll be everywhere you turn. From the food you eat or don’t eat to the type of home you live in to the lack of control over even your own family. Your life will change for sure and by that time a vast majority of your wages will go to socialist programs that continually destroy the value of the country’s currency and kills the incentive for many to work.
This is what freedom is. This is what slavery is. Which would you prefer? Is this the New American Slavery? I think so……


The Crazy World said...

nice post :)

Anonymous said...

Freedom = Individual takes personal responsibility

Slavery = giving individual personal responsibility to the government

I never thought I'd see this happen in America!


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