Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama - Yes You Own the Lara Logan Rape

By Nicholas Contompasis

Animosity between Israelis and American liberal Jews has never been higher. Polls in Israel continue to point to a liberal Jewish-American abandonment of the homeland. The Israeli people knew when Obama was elected, with the help of 77% of Jewish-Americans, there would be big trouble, but they had no idea how big.

It was clear to the average Israeli that Barack Obama was not supportive of the homeland, but liberal Jews in America never saw it and if they did, they ignored it or just didn’t give a damn. Now, that Obama has had two years to decimate the American-Israeli relationship, the tiny but mighty democracy is becoming more of a lone voice in the region for freedom and democracy.

It's one thing to have a poor relationship with the United States but it's another when you have a regional disruption of the statues-quo. The tinkering by our U.S. State Department led by Hillary Clinton and blessed by Obama and other clandestine operations has with the use of social networking, Internet driven technologies and devices have upset the applecart for Israel and U.S. right wing alliances in the region.

While the American people were distracted by Obama and the Left’s attempt to nationalize our private sector, they were operating behind the scenes to dismantle the Middle East. In other words, they stirred up a pot that should’ve been left alone. The consequence of this folly could be catastrophic and far-reaching for Israel and the West.

The framework of dictators and police-states that kept a lid on this region was there for two reasons. Two reasons the Obama Administration had either forgotten or purposefully ignored.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the free flow of oil at market price was an obvious reason, but the primary reason was the ten ton elephant in the room that nobody talked about, radical Islam. Our right wing military and political leaders have known for decades how much of a threat it was to stability in the region, so it was paramount that the status-quo remains in place.

Obama’s attempt to tiptoe around the events in the Middle East has led many to wonder what the hell is going on. One day he owns the events and the other he doesn’t. But, the reasons are obvious to the trained eye. His policies and behind the scenes influence to the naive pro-democracy movements and pro-union groups in the region are responsible for the disruption of peace now spreading across the Middle East.

In conclusion, yes, President Barack Obama owns this uprising. He can’t run from it. He can’t hide from it. He owns every death, beating and rape. Yes, rape, Lara Logan! He owns the now mass migration of Muslims streaming into Europe on boats from Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, that will eventually swallow up the once Christian continent. He will own the destruction of Israel and the millions that will die. He owns the creation of a one Islamic nation, armed with nuclear weapons and delivery systems with no fear of death.

Yes, President Obama, as leader of the free world you own this, and let’s not forget the people who put you there.

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