Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Zombies and The Chemtrails

When I look up at what is obviously some sort of aircraft spewing some sort of smoke out into a beautiful clear sky, I want to know what’s going on. Will someone please grab one of these jets and bring the pilots to me or anyone with half a brain and ask them, what the hell are you doing and who the hell ordered you to do this?
But no, I have seen no interviews of pilots, whether on duty or retired who have fessed up to creating these lines in our skies, none!
This reminds me so much of UFO sightings. People see and record what’s in the skies but have no proof of what it is and why it’s there.
But, these are not UFO’s unloading this stuff into our pristine air, they’re jets and judging by the number, they must be military jets, because the average private jet just can’t do what they’re doing.
Military jets are owned and run by governments, but which government and who ordered it? Did your government ask you if they could do this? Did they tell you why it should be done?
What amazes me more is how so many people in America and around the world could care less. The vast majority of people, when you ask them about what a chemtrail is or have you seen one, they’ll look at you like you’re nuts. Yet, when you point your finger up at the sky above them and ask, “do you see that?” they’ll still think you’re nuts.

Man, are we in trouble!!! If they can get away with this, what’s next, a New World Order President of the United States? – N.P.Contompasis 

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