Monday, July 1, 2013

Christian-Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria and Why I Fight for Christianity and the United States of America

Long before 9/11/01, which illustrated the eye opening aggression of Islam, there was Greece!
Prior to 1461 Greece was on equal footing with Italy and most of Western Europe, but from 1461 to 1832 Greece fell into the dark ominous shadow of Islam, the Ottoman Empire.
I bring this up as a grandson of Greek immigrants who escaped a land that was once great but was now hobbled by 371 years of slavery by the harsh Islamic religion. But my grandparents were fortunate enough to land on this blessed land of plenty in 1900, 113 years ago.
My blood is pure Greek, both sides, but my heart is pure American. The pride I have for my country and my heritage is what drives me in these troubling days, so I will not be silent or silenced.
To understand me is to understand what Greece gave to mankind, Democracy, free thought, the pre-Catholic Christian religion and so much more.
That’s why I was horrified when I heard of today’s news from Syria that a Catholic priest was beheaded by Muslim extremists simply because he was a peace loving Christian.
As my Greek heritage has taught me, the Islam of 1461 is the Islam of today and every Christian-American should take note. They have not changed and may never change.
Even during the past few days the people of Egypt are rejecting an Islamic government, based in Sharia Law, by demonstrations of millions of Egyptians throughout the country.
You see as a person of Greek heritage I’m like that canary in the coalmine that keels over dead when the whiff of Islamic atrocities permeates the air. I keel over when I see my President ignoring our Constitution. I keel over when I hear his continual lies to his people. I keel over when I see his dismantling of our great country and its traditions. I keel over!
You see what Islam is doing is no different from what our President is doing. They both are hell-bent on changing our Judeo-Christian nation and world into something that has never worked, unless it was at the point of a sword or AK-47.  – N.P.Contompasis 

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