Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Search for The New World Order

What’s baffled me for years has been why educated and seemingly intelligent people would develop, at first blush, illogical ideas. People with advanced degrees from the best schools in America were coming up with hairbrained ideas with no proof they would work, and yet they were staking their reputations on them. Why, I would ask myself, why? They followed each other’s ideas like lemmings heading for a cliff while developing courses to be taught to students in their institutes of higher learning. While all the time these ideas never seemed to connect to a logical theme, or let’s say a logical theme they weren’t willing to reveal. By developing college courses and force-feeding these ideas to young adults and the future leaders of America, they had in essence institutionalized these random ideas as fact. They had become the new norm.
This explains why logic based politicians from the Right have such a hard time reaching the newly educated in our country. The Right speaks apples and the newly educated think oranges. You see what has been taught are ideas outside the box, ideas that are waiting to be law, ideas foreign to the logical mind when looked at individually.
Think of it like looking through a microscope at an elephant hide. All you see are the cells of a thick hide of the largest land mammal on earth. But, when you step away from the lens and see the big picture, you realize the size of what’s in front of you. This explains why many in our country don’t understand the big picture. They’re looking through the lens and not looking at the big picture. But of course the Left is busy distracting and screaming that the elephant doesn’t exist, thus our problem in finding the illusive New World Order. Like the legendary White Buffalo of the Plains Indian, it’s a ghost story!
I like most, blew off George Bush’s comment about a New World Order back in the early ‘90s. Most saw it as braggadocios and harmless, but looking back; it appears to be when things started to become illogical, especially the running of our country.
What’s almost comical if it wasn’t so serious is the fact that while the term New World Order was being vilified as a conspiracy theory in the ‘90s and only people with tinfoil hats believed it, it was actually happening. It was growing within the curriculum of our top universities. With the help of the Council on Foreign Relations, the idea consolidated and gained momentum within the mainstream media which included newspapers, publishers, authors, journalists, political figures, billionaires and just about anyone that touched millions on a daily basis. This was the new thinking and if you weren’t on board, you were gone, obliterated from public exposure. This explains why the media is so in the tank for President Obama. He is the one who will accelerate the move towards a One World Order and is doing so.  
As the Twentieth Century ended and the New World Order lay just beneath the surface of a nation’s consciousness, Muslim piloted commercial jets flew into the World Trade Center buildings bringing the New World Order out of hiding. The attacks on 9/11/01 exposed what was developing for years behind the scenes and the backs of most Americans. It wasn’t the U.S. that went after the perpetrators of this horrible act, it was NATO. And when it was time for Saddam Hussein to go, it was NATO that took him down. NATO is the attack dog for the New World Order and it has teeth, nuclear teeth.
As the new century moved into its teens you didn’t have to look far for the once illusive New World Order, it was everywhere. It was in your speech, it was in your food, it was in your gas tank, it was in your kid’s schools, it was in your courts, it was in your unions, it was in your government, it was in your military and it was in your White House.

My search for the New World Order had ended in 2013 when I realized the New World Order…… was us!!! – N.P.Contompasis 

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