Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Rise of the Liberal City-states and the Bankruptcy of America

There is no doubt that the liberal Democrat controlled City-States of New York, Chicago, Boston, L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., St. Louis and Detroit have honed their skills to perfection but this, this is so disturbing one has to think there is a much greater force at work.
With the pressures of Internationalism, Globalism, International Standardization and One World Order proponents using the United Nations to legitimize, all Democrats and most Republicans may be in on the electoral fix. And the fix is to overwhelm our electoral process with their agenda to overrun our political system, legal system, borders, natural resources and military, all for the purpose of leveling the playing field and standardizing all countries.
You can call this a conspiracy if you want. I frankly don’t care. The things that are now going on in our country are not American; they’re foreign to these shores.  No one can deny that our once trusted U.S. media that now marches in lockstep with global news agencies and all global governing bodies is complicit in this grand scheme to socialize and redistribute our wealth to third world countries while relinquishing our national sovereignty to higher global governance.
Yes, our elections are fixed; it’s as plain as the nose on your face and your ever devaluing dollar.
Anthony Weiner’s disgraceful campaign for Mayor of New York City and the atrocious behavior of the liberal Democrat Mayor of San Diego are prime examples of how the new City-states work. The Democrat party knows if they can put a vulnerable Mayor in charge of the largest city in a state, they control the state! The plan has worked so far, as they successfully control America’s largest cities and their state governments.
When a party has this much power it’s like a dictatorship, the opposition dwindles into nothing as in California’s Republican Party. As with any dictatorship they control everything from who mans the polls to the actual count. It’s all fixed and they make sure their candidate is elected, even if he dropped his pants in front of fifty old ladies.
Detroit files for bankruptcy. The City-state that once controlled the state of Michigan up until a few years ago is the City-state that failed. It failed at saving itself and it failed at controlling Michigan. Detroit is the path all major U.S. City-states will follow and will most likely take down the states they’re hinged too. The people of Michigan woke up in time to save themselves but will the voters of California, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and Missouri wake up in time?

You see the failure of Detroit and the failure of the Democrat Party to control Michigan are the beginnings of a failed plan by a most diabolical Party that wants nothing more than to fleece hard working Americans and sell out America to foreign interests. Corrupting the electoral process is part of their game plan simply because they feel justified in doing so, after all the injustice they say they’ve endured. All bunk, but that’s the simple reason why they do what they do. And it’s the reason why they hate America and anyone that loves it.  – N.P.Contompasis  

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