Saturday, July 6, 2013

The New World Order Plus Ten

The New World Order Plus Ten
In a post Obama America the tentacles of the New World Order gradually strangled the once prosperous United States with millions of unwanted and penniless illiterate refugees from third world countries bringing with them disease, hoards of children and their religious hatred. Public schools, hospitals and emergency personnel are overburden with a shortage of teachers, skilled doctors and nurses.
These millions of foreigners flocked to ghetto like enclaves creating new separatist city-states, never assimilating into the once white Christian English speaking majority. With an open door policy passed into law in 2013 it only took ten years to fill up a once 300 million person America to a now seam busting one billion plus.  
When the taxpayer finally ran out of money and gave up in 2018 the Federal Reserve was forced to print trillions of dollars to keep up with an ever declining standard of living. The printing of endless unsecured money left the U.S. Dollar nearly worthless against even second world currencies.
It was happening, and so quickly. Many couldn’t believe it. Once the mass migration to North America started it was the end of peace and harmony for the original 300 million who had the highest standard of living in the world. Just ten years and it was all over. Who would have thought?  
Elections where no longer held since the people decided to stop voting because of the massive voter fraud committed by the 100’s of millions of aliens who stuffed ballet boxes. Representatives, Senators and the President were now appointed by a council of elites who profited handsomely from the American Giveaway which is what it was now called. It was a giveaway all right. We lost all mineral rights to China, most of the fresh water Great Lakes had been sold off to Middle East interests and white women were now auctioning their bodies off on the internet just to get out of the U.S.
Our once superior military had been decimated by the Obama/Clinton Administrations leaving us vulnerable to endless incursions by radical Islamic raiding parties originating from new domestic city ghettos, leaving thousands of dead Christians and Jews.
United Nations troops now patrolled the streets of our major cities because they no longer could afford to pay the once proud Thin Blue Line. But the killing and ravaging of a once proud nation continued unimpeded since the U.N. troops were only observers.

Things are bad in America in 2023, shall I go on???????? – N.P.Contompasis 

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