Wednesday, July 17, 2013

International Standards the New World Order

In the wee morning hours of July 17th 2013 while listening to a BBC radio broadcast from London England I distinctly heard a woman use the term International Standards in reference to a case being heard by the International Court of Justice at The Hague in the Netherlands. It was then that I realized I was approaching my well researched New World Order theorem incorrectly.
How many times have you had an intelligent conversation about world or domestic issues that went cold as soon as you mentioned the words New World Order? Probably thousands, right? Well, from now on stop using that term, you’re just hurting the ability to convince and educate the majority who still believe America is a sovereign country.
If you Google the term International Standards you’ll see where the private sector has dominated the term with standards for products that are used across the globe. You buy a TV in America and plug it in somewhere in Africa, it works. Or, the pilot of your plane takes off in L.A. and lands it safely in Tokyo. That is International Standards at work, keeping you safe and helping to make your life more convenient. You could argue that its part of the New World Order couldn’t you? But then everyone would think you’re a nutcase, right?
Well, from now on use the worlds International Standards and ears will perk up. They’ll think you’re real smart, which you are anyway, for coming up with a new idea.
You see The New World Order is really standardizing global living. From the gun you have or don’t have to the state run medical plan you’re forced to have. The car you drive and the home you live in is being standardized. Not to mention where that home is. The words you use and can’t use, hate speech. And let’s not forget the religion that’s being thrown out of governments. The evaporation of international borders and the dismantling of military forces to dangerous levels unable to attack or protect is where this is all going. They, the standardizers, are passing enforceable international laws that you will have to follow or be crushed as a nation or as an individual.
There isn’t a responsible leader in the world today that doesn’t first consider the International Standard before making a policy move. All moves must pass the smell test on the world stage or you’re branded and shunned by the world community, like what’s happening to Iran, North Korea and others to a lesser degree. This also explains why Israel hasn’t attacked Iran to date, out of fear of world condemnation.
Aggression is condemned, both nation-state aggression and individual, war is condemned, hate is condemned, sovereignty is condemned, capitalism is condemned, poverty is to be irradiated and human rights must always be upheld. Violate these standards and you’re bypassed until you learn how to get along with the standardizers.
The G-8’s printing presses are spitting out historically high amounts of money to reinforce this noble and possibly naΓ―ve chance to save the world. But, can they do it without blowing up everything we fought and invested in for over two hundred years.
You see they want to make the world pretty close to what we’ve had for centuries, but at what cost to American society? What cost?
The world is changing, some say for the better, but I’m still watching and waiting for the cracks that may eventually take it all down. I hope I never see those cracks, but I watch and you should too.
International Standards the New World Order!  – N.P.Contompasis

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