Monday, July 8, 2013

Trayvon Martin - What the Hell is Going On?

Trayvon Martin – What the Hell is Going On?
I’m still trying to figure out what the black community is trying to do with the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting. Are they attempting to make this a racial attack? Do they want to riot and burn things down after George Zimmerman, a man of Latino heritage with a history of supporting the black community, is set free?
It also puzzles me why so many brave anonymous tweeters on Twitter try to stoke the flames of racism and revenge by planning an insurrection when Zimmerman walks. What exactly is going on?
Has the Martin-Zimmerman shooting turned from racial to a Second Amendment issue and nobody told the coming rioters? It’s very strange.
What’s strange is that most of the bravado is coming from the well-oiled social networks of Facebook and Twitter, where the Obama Administration has been known to dwell in mass with millions of fake accounts.  
Like the unrest they’ve caused around the world by using these social networks they’re now stoking the flames of hatred here on the home front. It’s no mistake, what’s spreading on the net, about what to do when Zimmerman walks. It’s a purposeful attempt to cause a flare up of racial discontent that could spread across the land by a non-racial event. Only in America can the stupid follow the stupid off the stupid cliff. Only in America can black people follow their dark leader into the dark ages of racial hatred.
This country with its, low information, high visibility, low IQ, high birthrate, low morality, highly drug induced zombies, is starting to wear on the more sane individuals in America. They must be stopped or at least stopped from reproducing before we’re overrun with the demented.

Think of this article when you’re watching live TV on, I’m sure one of the hottest summer nights on record, of marauding black people tearing up and burning down buildings in the name of……… what, I have no idea!!! – N.P.Contompasis  

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