Thursday, July 4, 2013

Obama Worried Over Egypt Coup

Obama Worried Over Egypt Coup
President Obama seems to be very concerned over the military overthrow of his buddy President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has issued a statement urging the military to reinstall a democratically elected government as soon as possible or loose military and economic aid. 
The President is quite alarmed since the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is just another black-eye in his continual missteps in foreign policy decisions. The rejection of Morsi and his ilk is the biggest setback for Sharia Law and the Islamist movement across the Middle East. With 80 million people now out of the shadow of radical Islamic rule this change will most likely advance the democratic movement throughout the region. 
Egypt sets the mood and stability for the region. This dramatic change is expected to infuriate the Brotherhood and some elements may resist with violence, but the military has the ability to control any uprising. So expect some interesting political drama coming out of Egypt for the next few months.
But, back to our President Obama, his concern over this military coup is more about himself and the ability of the people to overthrow a duly elected President. He has never trusted our military and has done everything possible to destroy our upper ranks with NSA type information supplied by his inside people. He doesn’t want to be sent out of office by a bunch of Generals who side with a near majority in America that are vehemently opposed to his foreign and domestic policies. 
So, yes the President is watching developments in Egypt and praying to Allah that it doesn’t happen to him too. – N.P.Contompasis

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