Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Unexplained

The Unexplained
While chemtrails are streaking across the skies of North America and Europe, a mysterious low volume Stock market surges to new highs, for no real reason, from its lows in 2009. The Federal Reserve breaks the sacred capitalist rule of supply and demand by backstopping all major banks globally and their bad debts. And behind our backs it’s suspected that the G-8 is working on a one world currency as speculators keep buying gold as it falls. The little reported mass exodus of capital formation personnel globally from the industry has everyone wondering when and if capitalism is back in favor will there be anyone left to run the show?  
As the chemtrails start to widen creating silver rainless skies John McCain and Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaigns implode under the weight of contrived confusion and misdirection. Mass voter fraud is suspected in key swing states in the Presidential 2012 election, but nobody does anything about it. The unusual behavior of the Republican Party to allow the Liberal Globalist agenda to progress without resistance puzzles every Conservative to a level of frustration never seen in American politics. The Tea Party is formed. Yet with the help of Democrats and Republicans the Tea Party’s momentum is temporally stalled by the IRS denial of non-profit status to Tea Party and Conservative groups. Further obvious suppression of the Conservative vote by IRS audits of financial donors to non-profit and waiting to be non-profit groups of Tea Party and Conservative organizations complicates the 2012 election. The FBI when asked about an investigation refuses to conduct a proper investigation into the IRS scandal of suppressing the Conservative vote by stonewalling Congressional hearings on the matter.
But may I backtrack as those chemtrail jets reload for another run at the West Coast? Remember Barack Obama’s unusual Nobel Peace Prize won just moments after being sworn into office and now we have his uninvolved foreign policy which has sent us into a three way tie with China and Russia for world dominance. And what’s up with The Department of Homeland Security bringing in 15,000 Russian troops that are now stationed in the U.S. for domestic disaster assistance. Since when can’t we take care of our own, or are they planning something much bigger? And speaking of Big Sis, why are they buying up all of our ammo? Just asking NSA, just asking!
As the cobalt blue skies of the West Coast turn a dull silvery bla color from a second pass by the wings of death, a nearly no borders immigration bill is being jammed down America’s throat like ObamaCare. Furthermore the Obama Administration has widened the Patriot Act doors so broad that NSA is now scooping up all digital data domestically and possibly globally, while the Justice Department ships thousands of assault weapons to Mexico for some ungodly unconstitutional reason. And right in the middle of this mess our Supreme Court has turned into a political body for the first time in history with the Chief Justice obviously being blackmailed or threatened by the Administration or foreign powers. While the watchdogs of the press play lapdogs to the tyrant, news outlets stopped searching for the truth and are now simply reporting what the government tells them.
By all appearances it seems the train has already left, skies are now filled with chemicals and the American public has been left at the station. Something has happened and it really got going after Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Based on global stock market reaction back in the spring of 2009 his reign was an unwelcome event. The markets and the Tea Party/Conservatives knew something was up, but the general public was so worried being distracted by depression era unemployment and mass home foreclosures they missed the unexplained.
The people, whoever they are, have grabbed the ball, our ball, your ball and are heading for the goal with no defenders in sight. You may not agree with everything I’ve said here but you have to admit most of this is correct and points to an upper level governance of the peoples of the G-8. I ask again as I have in other article on this subject, has anyone asked you if any of this is okay? Well, have they? Some call it a New World Order with no input from the common man thus violating our Constitution and most G-8 Constitutions. They, whoever they are, operate outside the law and must be called on it or freedom as we’ve known it will parish.  
– N.P.Contompasis

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