Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Hillary and Obama Must Be Stopped

I’m sharing this comment describing Dick Morris’s book Screwed which came out last year. If you’ve been connecting the dots, reading the book will just re-enforce your conclusions on where our country is going. Please check this comment out, thanks! – N.P.Contompasis 

“The USA is being sold out by a bunch of Benedict Arnolds munching away at the guts of the Nation’s Institutions like termites.
The book begins with a familiar 2011 quote from Donald Trump where he states that China is screwing the USA. This is a familiar theme with Trump, but while “the Donald” doesn’t provide information to back up to his claims, this book provides the proof in Spades.
The actual construction of the book consists of a short introduction followed by eleven major sections with titles such as “A World Democracy; America Without Sovereignty;” “Trick of Treaties: How the European Union is Preempting Congress and Binding Us Through International Treaties:” “The United Nations of Corruption:” ” The World Bank:” “Foreign Aid: Biting the Hand That Feeds Them:” “In Our Backyard: The Chavez-Ahmadinejad Alliance:” and “The Enemy Within.”
Each of the major parts includes several subchapters and at the end of each major part is a short “Action Agenda,” which provides some ideas and advice on how to reverse the screwing that America is so helpfully being provided by both it’s foreign allies and many of our own politicians and ex-pols.
It was the second major section that most alarmed this reader. Preparations are well under way for passing six major treaties, which would each strip the USA of its freedom and treasure. If Obama and the Senate sign and ratify the “International Criminal Court Treaty, The Law of the Sea Treaty, the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, the European Code of Conduct in Outer Space, the United Nations Convention on the Child and the requirements of Agenda 21″ those treaties will mean that International Law trumps American Law, that half our offshore mineral, gas and oil wealth will have to be paid to the UN, that the UN can establish gun control in the USA, that the UN can force the USA to control green house gases and pollution and US Citizens will be forced to provide welfare to all the children in the world.
And while all these UN dictates can be enforced in our courts, in most of the other 160 nations in the UN, there is no court system that could force them to follow the dictates of that gleaming tower of knowledge, wisdom and fairness known as the United Nations.
Future Presidents and Congresses won’t be able to void these treaties. Any changes will require a Constitutional Amendment passed by Congress and submitted to each state–a process that always takes years.
The most glaring problem with these treaties is that the USA is now spending twice as much money as it takes in and if it suddenly has to start supporting the rest of the world, there won’t be enough money to satisfy everybody. The standard of living in America would drop to the levels of Zimbabwe and other fourth world countries.
One of the biggest surprises in this book is how eager Hillary Clinton is to get these treaties signed into law. For a former Conservative Union “Goldwater Girl” in 1964 she must know that these treaties are bad for America. While there is reason to suspect the President is using these treaties as stepping-stones to becoming head of the United Nations and being King of the World, why is his Secretary of State aiding and abetting him in his goals? If she eventually becomes President she will be inheriting a land of slaves and serfs under the supervision of the United Nations and its collection of despots.
This book is an alarming page-turner. It’s difficult to put aside because so much of it rings true. The fact that the Obama Administration is rushing preparations to sign these treaties before he and his Democrat Senate leave office is absolutely terrifying for a free people. However, most of the news media has reported nothing about this in favor of News about Mitt Romney’s high school pranks and Obama’s visits among the sparkling galaxy of Hollywood Stars.
The Mayan Calendar, according to some so-called experts, predicts the world will end on Dec. 21 of the year 2012 (this year). If that happens there is no need to worry about some of our politicians selling America into slavery. However, if Obama loses this coming election he apparently plans to try and use his Democrat Senate to commit to these treaties in the lame duck session after the election much like he did after the 2010 mid-term. He wants to complete his goal of becoming King of the World by using the Presidency of the USA as a stepping-stone.
Enough said, read this excellent non-fiction book yourself.” – James R. Holland

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