Saturday, May 4, 2013

Political Correctness – What is it Really?

A famous radio talk show host made an important comment the other day which got me thinking about Political Correctness. He said “it’s interesting how you can’t find anyone that is the source of political correctness.”
After about two seconds I had his answer. The answer is, the United Nations!!! Everything in today’s politics is about the United Nations. Every new policy move from the left comes from the United Nations. Every time President Obama opens his mouth the source of his idea comes from the United Nations.
For decades the U.S. has fought a subtle war with the U.N., and the battle was carried on usually by Republican Presidents and Congresses. The Democrats have always, since Jimmy Carter, embraced this One World Government run by the U.N. This idea has soundly been rejected by most Americans that have been paying attention.
Bill Clinton embraced the U.N. and its many treaties, thus the beginning of Political Correctness in America. Yes, it was the Hillary and Bill Clinton team that started the wagging of their fingers at people that didn’t speak properly according them and their one world U.N. run government.
You see, political correctness is about that day when we’ve allowed every third world person into our country and then have to learn to coexist with them. Politically correct speech is about not offending anyone thus avoiding conflicts.
You have to admit the plan is working. They started this over twenty years ago and it seems to be main-stream with offensive people being labeled racists, bigots and homophobes.
If you’ve been paying attention you would’ve noticed that religion also has no place in our new politically correct, currently being invaded, America. You see religion according to “them” causes conflict, so you can’t talk about it. You can’t have it in our military, you can’t have it in our schools and you can’t have it in our conversations with others.
According the U.N. and our very own President, America is no longer Christian, white and more importantly American. Even the promotion of our very own “God given rights” is looked upon as being nationalistic. We can’t have that, not even in our own schools. When children are sent home from school for wearing a pro Second Amendment t-shirt you really have to start wondering who the hell took over our government Adolph Hitler?
The U.N. now drives everything political in America from the Immigration Bill, ObamaCare, Global Warming, Cap n Trade, Gun Control and thousands of new regulations and fines that continually build the wall of anti-God, anti-free speech, anti-Constitution and Anti-American feelings in our country.?

Yes, the U.N. is the geniuses of political correctness. The U.N. is the template that Barack Obama uses every time he opens his mouth. He’s become predictable to me and he will to you, when you start to understand his source of reference, the United Nations.
A last warning…… Make no mistake……  Yes our military has made provisions for you who will eventually step out of line. And that military we call ours will no longer be, as they become neutralized into a one world civil policing force.
“Political Correctness, what is it really?” it’s much more dangerous than you think!!! – N.P.Contompasis   

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