Monday, May 13, 2013

Rand Paul is Right

As Senator Rand Paul said in his email over the weekend “Obama is working with anti-American globalists plotting against our Constitution,” all of our Constitution not just part of it.
Finally, after years of Conservative bloggers shouting from the rooftops that the IRS had been blocking approval of 501 (c) (4) non-profits that were formed to uphold and defend our Constitution from the endless attacks by Obama’s  Constitutional attackers, the plot is finally out in the mainstream media.  Even though Senator Rand Paul’s comment referenced the ratification of a U.N. gun treaty that has every intention of taking our guns, it can be expanded to this new IRS scandal of suppressing pro-Constitutional groups in America. You see it all fits into a followed template by the left to destroy U.S. sovereignty for U.N. superiority.
This information is not news to many patriots across the country, who have been writing about it for over four years. The attacks on patriotic sounding organizations started in 2009 after the Tea Party movement started on every street corning in America.
You see, the American people know when something doesn't smell right and they caught a whiff of stink right after Obama was elected.
The whiff of stink that America smelled was the smell of foreign interests influencing our Presidential election and the candidate running.
Senator Rand Paul had the courage this weekend to put it down on paper that “Obama is working with anti-American globalists plotting against our Constitution.” That statement should send chills up every American’s spine. This is like a story-line out of a Hollywood movie where the President of the United States plots against the will of the people to subvert their Constitution and sovereignty. Unfortunately it’s not fiction. It’s real and the American people must do something about it now.  
The pieces are finally falling into place as more of this President’s anti-American agenda is exposed. As I have been writing for many months now, this President is a globalist, an internationalist, not an American. The thrust of his policies are international and U.N. dictated.
America has elected not once but twice a globalist President who puts global interests before the American people. That is deadly to every American, which sadly our Libyan Embassy staff found out on 9/11/12.
You see it all fits now; every move this President makes is global in nature. I’m sure his friends over at the U.N. are happy watching his behind the scenes treasonous acts subverting everything that’s American.
Retrospectively, many in America, over the past few years have thought themselves crazy wondering why, what they believed in all their lives, were now wrong. Well, they weren't wrong. It was the Council on Foreign Relations lead mainstream media who helped pump this false narrative into the empty heads of many Americans that everything Obama was doing to the country was good and you shouldn't be concerned.
Well, they lied to you, Obama, the mainstream media and the United Nations. They want everything you have and they’re coming for it, if you let them. – N.P.Contompasis 

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