Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who the Hell are You?

Who the Hell are You?
Mr. Obama is targeting American patriots by sicking the Internal Revenue Service, The Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and every other agency of our government on them. If you’re associated with any Conservative group, you’re being watched. If your Facebook name has anything to do with Patriotism, Tea Party or Conservatism, you are being watched, make no mistake about it. If you’re on a list of any patriotic group on the internet or nonprofit, you’re being watched!
One has to feel a bit outraged over this. How dare you Barack Hussein Obama, and anyway, who the hell are you? Five years ago you were nothing and the American people decided to ignore your color, your rather limited and very questionable background to give you the most powerful job in the world. This is how you pay them back? Who the hell are you?
When I look at my Facebook friends profile pictures I see loving grandmothers hugging their grandchildren, war veterans who risked life and limb for our country, the beautiful profile pictures of flowers and pictures of wide open American spaces. Who the hell are you Mr. Obama to besmirch these wonderful Americans?
Who the hell are you to set every government agency in attack mode on every freedom loving American???? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU???
You think Benghazi is pressure? Just wait and see when all of America finally wakes up to your soft-tyranny. Then you’ll feel the real pressure and outrage of the American people!!!
 – N.P.Contompasis 

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