Friday, May 17, 2013


America Erupts-IRS Hearings
Today our Congress has started, under oath, to ask officials of the Internal Revenue Service important questions regarding the agency’s obvious obstruction of the American electoral process.
Many Americans who have the ability to hear and see this first hearing are instantaneously outraged by the conduct of this agency.
Steven Miller the Commissioner of the IRS, under oath, refused to answer many questions and simply said he didn't know on others. It could be said he was stonewalling, hiding and misleading Congress during today’s hearings.
Mr. Miller stated that errors were made because employees wanted to expedite a process. But what Mr. Miller is conveniently overlooking is that the expediting was done to help speed up the targeting of Conservative, Christian and pro-Israel groups in America.  
I find this whole episode extremely disappointing since, as a tax professional for the past forty years, I have personally found the IRS to be a professional organization that was above political manipulation. It seems I was misled.
The revelations coming from the top of the IRS should disturb every American from both sides of the isle. After all, the next time, it could be the Left that is prevented from organizing political opinions or movements.
On its face these hearings will do nothing to help Mr. Obama’s pet project ObamaCare, since the person that ran this political operation Sarah Hall Ingram was awarded a $130,000 bonus for her illegal work and is now heading up the supposedly non-political IRS unit that will run the collections and enforcement of ObamaCare. Talk about a fox in the hen-house!
Yesterday the Tea Party led Congress again passed a bill to repeal the entire ObamaCare Law. It’s dead in the Senate but as we move closer to 2014, a midterm election year and the first year of the full implementation of ObamaCare, many Senators may be thinking twice about allowing this takeover of one sixth of the American economy by a now abusive politically motivated government.  – N.P.Contompasis 

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