Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apple - Et Tu McCain???

Six months ago in September of 2012, Apple’s stock price hit just north of $700 a share. It was a time when both Google and Apple were neck and neck in price. It was obvious to everyone on Wall Street that it was a race by the world’s largest tech companies to be the first to hit $1,000. But…., something strange happened to Apples stock, it started going down.
Of course analysts broke out their charts and graphs on Apple and tried to rationalize a near 50% drop in such a short period of time. CNBC and Fox Financial interviewed all the regular experts who blamed it on forecasts and a stale product line.
But what they overlooked was the obvious. They forgot we now live in the world of Obama where profits are evil, profits are exploitive, profits must be shared, given back to the masses and be redistributed no matter where they come from.   
This week our Senate had the CEO of Apple Tim Cook in for a hearing that was nothing more than an Obama shakedown, reminiscent of the Clinton shakedown of Microsoft back in the ‘90s that flat-lined the stock price for decades.
You see success in the market these days has little to do with charts and graphs and more to do with who you pay off in D.C. Look at Google and its CEO who’s so far up Obama’s butt, well you know the rest…..
As Rand Paul so perfectly explained at the hearing, it’s Congress that needs to hold up a mirror to see where the problem really is. Shamefully, John McCain was also in on the money grab as he tried to intimidate Mr. Cook’s fresh attempt at running the most successful high tech company in history.
The mad dogs of Washington have been let loose and if you’re not paying homage to Caesar your stock loses half its market cap.
Make no mistake this is all about politics and nothing more, ask Bill Gates who for years donated nearly nothing to political candidates until he hit the infamous Clinton shakedown that pales in comparison to anything Obama is doing to our private sector. – N.P.Contompasis 

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