Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama to IRS - Crush the American Spirit

Obama to IRS – Crush the American Spirit
Obama’s use of the IRS to crush the American Spirit is treasonous. You see President Obama must crush the American spirit before his one world government can take hold. He must disarm, confuse, marginalize, defund, fragment and demonize the nationalistic spirit of Americans.
It should be obvious by now that Obama is in the midst of reprograming the American people. That reprogramming is to convince the American people that a nationalistic feeling should be dismissed as dangerous and that you should have only feelings for his policies that dictate the beliefs of the United Nations and a one world government.
You see President Obama’s job is to deliver the United States of America to a world government neutered and defeated like a wiped starved dog that’s had enough.
Don’t believe me, just keep watching, you’ll see. – N.P.Contompasi

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