Monday, July 19, 2010

With the Help of Rush Limbaugh - Angelo Codevilla Exposes the "Ruling Class" – Civil War?

Angelo Codevilla has now defined the Tea Party's agenda with a laser-like shock to the political system. Codevilla has handed the Tea Party and Conservatives across the country the winning sound bite "Defeat the Ruling Class" to defeat all Democrats', Obama and yes some Republicans.
If you have problems with the link, it's because there are so many people on the site. It's a good link.
But rest assured my comment about this article is all you need to know.


V said...

You are aware that Rush Limbaugh is raping the United States, and then saying it's liberals? Just thought I'd let you know, how Rush Limbaugh and the "Cartman Conservatives" of the Free Republic Party want America to fail - well past Obama.

worldsbiggestloser said...

I was unaware that Limbaugh was spreading the Codevilla piece. I was so blown away by Codevilla's analysis that I started forwarding and tweeting about it.

So Limbaugh is behind this? And I thought I was responsible for getting it to go viral.