Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9:11 A.M. Tuesday July 6th 2010 – Obama – More Israeli Bullshit

“Mr. President the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived. Did you want to greet him outside?” The President thought about the near 100 degree heat and decided this murdering Jew can greet himself. “I’ll meet him in the foyer Steven.” As the President walked down the long hallway that emptied into the grand foyer, he thought of his last public encounter with the Israeli leader. What was missed by most in that last meeting was the President’s indifference towards the leader. The top brass over at the Pentagon pressured the President into working out a strategy over Iran which the President was totally against. Thus the disastrous results that almost lost the President’s entire Jewish vote, Jewish congressional support and non-Jewish Israeli support. It was right up there on a continually growing list of big mistakes by this President.
The two leaders met for 90 minutes and spent an additional 30 minutes in front of photographers. All in all it was mostly a dog and pony show that showed Iran that the alliance was still holding. With war ships now positioning themselves off the southern Iranian coast, the President was finally on board for a joint American-Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. He was on board but with both arms twisted behind his back.
The President’s strong puppeteers were sending mixed messages on this issue. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. So he dragged his feet as long as possible till he could see a clear path which never materialized. This was all part of the learning curve of this inexperienced President. An experienced leader would have already known there is no clear path when you’re dealing with the Middle East and there are no just answers or solutions to this enigma.
“Mr. President the Queen’s security people are on the line and would like to set up a photo-op with you tomorrow?” What the fuck, can’t I get away from this bitch? It’s like she’s waddling around, following me just to piss me off. I hate her pompous snooty air and those goddamn dogs, Jesus, he thought. “Listen, Susan I have a hundred things going on tomorrow if you can squeeze in 10 minutes OK, but that’s it.” “I’ll see what I can do sir.”
Meanwhile back at Rahm’s house, 5 more secret service men were assigned to him. He got no sleep last night and was starting to see things. When he shaved this morning all he could see in the mirror was Strippers head blowing up. He could hardly hold his coffee as his hand shook most of the coffee out. He was a mess and was scared shitless as his mind spun out of control trying to understand exactly what happened the other day. Rahm tried to get ready for meetings on the Hill but kept buttoning his shirt wrong. His puffy eyes caused him to cut himself two times while shaving and now had toilet paper all over his face. It appeared that the President’s hatchet man had met his match as he cancelled all meetings, popped 3 sleeping pills and went back to bed.
Earlier in the afternoon Eric Holder, the President’s AG filed suit against the state of Arizona, officially starting the battle with the majority of Americans. This President’s unorthodox political approach is now on the verge of being called insane by most as he continues to take the opposite side of every issue that affects the American people. He laughed as he heard the news of the suit and thought to himself, wait till they get-a-load of Executive Order 14,222 coming in October. Now, that’ll really piss them off.
As the President felt the addictive feeling that occasionally engulfed his persona, his father’s genes were starting to work on him like a throbbing cancerous tumor. As he grew older these feelings were becoming more intense and he knew that with his added responsibilities as President it could someday pull him over the edge and into a cesspool his father ended his life in, as the 522nd day of the Obama Presidency insanely blundered.

Special Note:
This is a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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