Monday, July 12, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - New Documentary About How Obama Stole the Presidential Run From Hillary Clinton

If you want a preview of how elections will be in America from now on just take a look at these two videos and notice the trend and magnitude of the voter corruption that’s now going on in our country. It’s time to revisit the 2008 Democrat primaries where Obama got the nod from states to run on the Democrat Presidential ticket. As you will see Obama stole the Democrat primary from Hillary. He will use that same blueprint to secure wins for far left radicals in congress in the November elections. Please watch both videos and as you contemplate what happened to the Democrat party and specifically Hillary Clinton, and yourself what’s going to happen in November and what’s going to happen in 2012?
The same corruption that has helped many Democrats secure office in years past has now turned on itself and is now cannibalizing its own party. This canalization is spreading and will affect this November’s election and the 2012 Presidential election. It could be time for the real Democrats and Republicans to bring charges against President Obama for voter fraud and corruption. It may be time for the Democrat party to heal itself before it’s too late.
With the help of Eric Holder as Attorney General, Obama can very easily hijack the November elections from the American people.

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