Saturday, August 25, 2012

What is America to You?

What is America to you? If you look at the rest of the world and it's thousands of years of wars, genocide and tyranny you realize why everyone out there hates each other. But only in the United States and Canada does a less hustle lifestyle exist. Finding this entire half of the world, just a mire 600 years ago, is amazing in itself when you realize just how long man has been around. That's why many have written that this find was a gift from God to act as a guidepost in leading man out of the hole he had fallen into. I'm actually not sure who said that, but I just did, and it makes sense to me. 
This is why I'm troubled with the new politics in our country of divide, divide and divide. We used to be Americans, all of us. No special people, every one of us was special, simply because we were Americans. But now it's all about this group and that group and I want this and I want that. The rhetoric has now become so heated that it's simply a matter of time before bullets start flying. That's not the America I neither remember nor want.
The American people need to stop thinking of themself and realize we are all special for just being here. That's right, right here on this soil, away from the turmoil and hatreds that to this day jeopardize man's existence.
Why in God's name would you want to recreate the horrors from which we came? Why set our society on a path of destruction by dividing us?
This is what the politics of divide divide divide leads too. Only people who don't understand the "America Experience" you have lived could set us on this path of division. Don't let it be the legacy we leave for our children. This land is blessed, and don't let anyone tell you any different!
It's now up to every American to prolong the reality that we are the light, the beacon, the guidepost for the world that's still hell-bent on self-destruction.
For without your beacon our world wouldn't be worth living in!!! -

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