Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lehman Brothers – The Final word

After refusing to backstop Lehman Brothers, Ben Bernanke realized as world markets began to collapse that he had made a horrendous mistake. When Lehman Brothers was forced into bankruptcy court the jig was u
p and everything that went on at Lehman was now available to the general public. Something the Federal Reserve naively didn’t anticipate.
There have been no prosecutions of Lehman officials’ simple because the subpoenas would eventually reach the highest level of government and we can’t have that, can we? You see Congress knew all about this while looking way!!! –
So there will be no prosecutions, the cover-up will continue, you will probably eventually lose your home, job, standard of living while the Congressmen who looked the other way retire onto their estates in Napa, Martha’s Vineyard and Pebble Beach.
Oh and here’s the final-final on this whole episode, IT AIN’T OVER!!!!

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