Friday, August 17, 2012

2016 - Obama's America - The Game Changer - The Movie

You know the old saying one picture says a thousand words, well the movie 2016 – Obama’s America says millions of words!!!
The movie on the surface is a well-polished, professionally done, non-conspiratorial, logical and frightening exposé of our President Barack Obama.
The theater was filled, not one seat was empty. The girl that took my ticket told me that every show was sold out and that most of the weekend shows were sold out too. Mind you we’re talking about the liberal bastion of Northern California, the land of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Jerry Brown, George Miller and even Harry Reid who only lives a few hundred miles away.   
I wasn’t surprised at what I saw for the next almost two hours about our President since I’ve been researching his background for the past four years. But many in America don’t really know Obama and what he brings to our America.
If you remember one thing, it would be that President Obama brings a foreign element to our shores.  There is no doubt that after viewing this movie I came away vindicated, that all of my research, insights and conclusions weren’t one big crazy dead end of a theory. This movie is the most believable, credible definitive explanation of who Barack Obama really is.
If you’ve been following my writings, my serious writings, you know what I think of our President and the fears I have for our country under his reign. This movie is a perfect vehicle that consolidates everything about Obama and what he has already done. It explains what his plans are for the future of our country and your future in it!!!
If every American saw this movie President Obama would be a one term President and would lose in November by the largest margin ever recorded in politics.
I encourage every person in America that values their lifestyle to watch this movie. You will come away realizing that the lifestyle you now lead will just be a memory in four years if Barack Obama is reelected.
So, go see it. Take a friend. Take an independent. Take a liberal. Pay for the ticket. Take anyone that you feel has doubt, and I guarantee you that when they leave the theater they will have seen the light.
– N.P.Contompasis  

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