Thursday, August 2, 2012


I’m amazed that the Liberal politicians in our country have missed the obvious when it comes to trashing fast food owners for their conservative ways or have they? CEO Dan Cathy, a Roman Catholic of Chick-fil-A is the latest victim of their relentless tyrannical rants promoting everything from gay marriage to forcing employers to provide health insurance that pays for abortions.  Gay groups are now protesting by staging “Kiss-In’s” at many Chick-fil-A’s, to the disgust of normal citizens.
What have these mad-dog liberals missed, you ask? Well, all they have to do is look west to specifically California where the most popular fast food joint lives and thrives unscathed in the most liberal state in the nation.  What they’ve missed is IN-N-OUT BURGER which is owned and run by a Christian family that has many fast food stores throughout our western states. The Christian family that owns IN-N-OUT BURGER are the Snyder’s.
Now, the reason I bring up IN-N-OUT BURGER is because it’s no secret to many out here that on the bottom of each cup purchased is the inscription JOHN  3:16 "For God so loved the world" as shown in the picture.  
So let me see, we’re in an election year where the Presidential hopeful is a Christian and we now have an attack on a Roman Catholic CEO of a fast food chain who doesn’t agree with same sex marriage.
It’s my belief that this is just the beginning of many attacks on our brave private sector entrepreneurs’ who simply publicly express their opinions.  
Could it be that the next target of the vile Left will be IN-N-OUT BURGER for pushing Christianity on their unsuspecting customers and ironically the man that’s running for President is a Christian? I can hear it now, “The man who would be President is from a religion that secretly attempts to convert the masses.” David Axolrod are you listening or have I blown your plan??? – N.P. Contompasis 


Anonymous said...

I wish the gay community would just shut their pie hole, live their lives however they so desire, and stop channeling so much anger towards the heterosexual community. This issue is becoming one big pain in the butt (no pun intended)

willardsmythe said...

The current person occupying the WHite House is not Christian. Ask him again if he is Arab he will say yes. Is he something else, why yes I am. The snyder family has been about wiped out. Plane crash, drug OD. Old age.I remember the Christmas ads on the radio, they were singing real Jesus music not jingle bells.This was long ago and far away. Finding a real station playing away in a manger is not possible. Finding SAnta Clause is coming to town is all that is on. Dont want to offend the Lib or Athiests. They might hear Jesus' name mentioned. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

The boycott against in-n-out burger is not because of Cathy's views... the boycott was already underway when Cathy made those infamous comments. The boycott is why he was on the news talking about his views in the first place. The boycott is about his donation practices. Gays cant justify spending money at a place that will turn around and use their own money against them.