Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Are College Students So Liberal?
I think part of America’s problem is convincing the youth of our country that capitalism is accessible. Business majors in college can quickly assimilate to the modern world of capitalism and the private
 sector. Other majors, who represent the vast majority of students, never get the necessary training to survive in the private sector when they graduate. So they ultimately shun it, condemn it and end up hating corporations the backbone of our capitalist economy. They become liberal simply because it’s easier to enter a government job where socialism and mediocrity thrives than the private sector where you must perform or get out.
But while still in college most students imagine how they with their major will fit into modern society at graduation. They look at what they’re learning, look at society and see no path, no defining road to success. As a matter-of-fact the whole experience looks like a novice climber at the base of Mt. Everest, intimidating!
That’s why America has been losing its youth to liberal doctrine for decades, counting myself, when I was much younger.
America desperately needs to revamp all college courses towards an understanding of the importance of capitalism and corporations that have given the U.S. its prosperity. For without that, we’d be a third world country.
Knowing how difficult it would be to pierce the liberal armor of our colleges and universities, a less confrontational approach should be taken. The task should ultimately be left to our U.S. corporations and big businesses to educate and train these new non-business graduates.
I know what many of you are thinking; corporations don’t have the time or money to wet nurse these liberal kids, right? Wrong! They can’t afford not to train them.
One can only look at the fix our country’s in and the anti-business, anti-capitalist policies coming from our very own White House.
You see it’s no longer on the college campuses. It’s taken over the White House and part of our Congress. This must be stopped and education is the way.
Many have said we no longer teach our children the history that has brought us to where we are and they’re right. Well, history is just part of the American story; capitalism is the most important part and it must be taught to our children or we shall lose the very essence of our prosperity. – N.P.Contompasis

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