Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watch this Clip From the Movie 2016 - Obama's America - Obama's Half-brother in Kenya is Barack Obama in Every Way But His Politics

One important thing about the movie, 2016 - Obama's America, is that when you get to the part in the movie where the author is interviewing Barack's half-brother in Kenya you see the most amazing thing......
The half-brother is BARACK OBAMA. His voice is identical to BARACK OBAMA. His mannerisms are BARACK OBAMA and he looks just like BARACK OBAMA.
You know that snotty little smirk Obama makes with the corner of his mouth while looking at you like you don’t know shit! Well, bingo his half-brother has it too.
But, the problem with this guy is, he doesn’t agree with his brother’s politics, that’s why he still lives in a shack in Kenya. You see even he knows who Barack Obama really is….. – N.P.Contompasis 

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Anonymous said...

The entire assumption that Obama's origins are in Kenya is very questionable. Reading various takes by Jack Cashil, Gerome Corsi and Mr. Gilbert (World net Daily) one can only assume that this is part of the fictional character, a composite, because it only works as a myth, no documents can prove that the student from Kenya was the real sperm donor.