Friday, August 10, 2012

The Dirty Little Secret on How Elites Fleece You Blind

On June 8, 2011 the IRS released information that over 275,000 nonprofit organizations have lost their tax-exempt status for failing to file an information return with the IRS in the last three years. This represents 16% of the entire nonprofit sector in the United States.
Again, “This represents 16% of the entire nonprofit sector.” This is a staggering number when you understand what it means. Think of it this way. Imagine 16% of all U.S corporations not filing tax returns, not paying taxes and not showing the government what they do including what they do with the money they collect.
Yes, it’s correct that nonprofits pay no taxes but that still leaves the two more important questions, what do they do and what they do with the money they collect?
Back in the mid ‘90s during the Clinton Administration, the expansive use of nonprofit organizations by liberals began, and it grew into a major conduit for funneling public monies back and forth. The liberal left with their contrived causes like ACORN and other front groups have used these organizations to collect monies from unsuspecting philanthropists, governments and political operatives.
What they do is take a contrived tax deduction on their personal and corporate tax returns. Many liberal politicians over the years have used these organizations to hide ill-gotten monies from campaign funds, government grants and loans that were never intended to be paid back. A simple way of looking at this process would be to compare it to a money laundering operation by the mob. But, they not only laundered the money, they fraudulently acquired the monies. So, as you can see there’s a good chance that the majority of this 16% have done just that, not to mention that another 20% do the same thing but file fraudulent information returns.
Now that you have an overview of what’s going on, here’s what it means to you and our country.
When the Obama Administration started writing checks, which they haven’t stopped doing since January 2009, from the money you send in from your taxes, these organizations are the recipients of that money. They simply deposit the government check into the organization's account and then drain the account by disbursing the monies to their operatives tax free. They then refuse to file information returns that would show the fraudulent transactions and after a few years of doing this they abandon the organization to just start up another the next day doing the same thing.
Billions of your tax dollars are being wasted annually and sent to political criminal operations in plain sight. As a matter of fact you just may have voted for one of these criminals. But, one thing is for sure; as this criminal activity expands it very well will strangle our entire private sector leaving us with a corrupted government, corrupted economy and a corrupted people. – N.P.Contompasis

A final note - In the mid '90s I sat next to the now Governor of California Jerry Brown on a nonstop from D.C. to San Francisco. He proceeded to talk my ear off about how great these nonprofits will be for the Democrat Party.
If we only knew then, what we know now?

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