Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Liberalism is Out of Control

By Nicholas Contompasis
If you haven’t been paying attention, the far Left are gradually segregating our laws. So, what does this mean?
It means that every interest group from gays to Muslims are slowly creating laws tailored for each group, rather than laws for everyone. Boutique laws, as I call them, are now sprouting up all over the place.
Since the American Socialist Democrat Party, my name for Democrats, has been coddling every fringe group out there, they’re now treading on very dangerous legal territory. This multi-tiered legal system they’re creating will not work, unless they can change the Supreme Court into a Liberal rubber stamp court.  
The concept of special laws for seemingly special people is simply and constitutionally unworkable. Imagine Muslim judges for Muslim offenses, gay judges for gay offenses, redheaded judges for redheaded offenses!!
To think that these special interest groups are now creating their own little laws to get back at the majority is laser like malpractice.
With President Obama in place and several more court appointments coming up in the next four years, the reality of such a court and legal system is now very possible.  
The danger lies in the fact that no society has ever experimented with such and extension of the law. Will it work justly? Will there be legal chaos if it doesn’t work? These are all questions that should be answered before this Liberal experimentation with our legal system continues.
Is it worth destroying our legal system by handing out these political favors to fringe groups for votes? It seems the American Socialist Democrat Party thinks so!!!
Remember, as our legal system goes, so goes our society!!!

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