Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Are These Elite?

By Nicholas Contompasis
I’ve been a proud capitalist all my life. My higher education and background for over forty years has been in finance and the promotion of capitalism. But, I can most assuredly say that what we have today in March of 2012 is not capitalism as I’ve been taught and experienced.
What we have today is a high-jacking and bastardization of an economic system that has, for over a century, raised the standard of living for hundreds of millions of capable people around the world.
Unfortunately, as history tells us, the self-proclaimed elites always find a way to screw things up, no matter what system is thought up to protect the common man. The elites never stop trying to tear these systems down and take them over.
It now appears that after nearly two hundred and fifty years, the elites in the world have successfully won the takeover of our politics and our economy.
The elites should not be viewed as Republican, Democrat or Socialist; they’re simply people with no allegiance to any country. Their allegiance is to only one thing, money, and the power to keep that money. That’s the conspiracy of the elites, not big meetings in far off exotic resorts, but the endless need to satisfy their greed and power needs. That’s what they all have in common. One could say that these elites are a breed of person and nothing more. Like people with red hair or blue eyes, they exist; they always have existed and always will exist. Thus the common man’s fight will never end.
It has become more evident in today’s environment that the government-elites that now rule more and more of your life could care less about you as a person. You’re now viewed by this new royalty more as the suckers who will believe anything as long as you keep hearing it on the boob-toob. And they’ve been right so far!!!
The elite know they can take over a political party or parties with money and in turn take over a country, its laws, rape the financial industry, the taxpayer, press a button, transfer their monies to safer shores, WHILE AMERICA AND YOU BURN.
Are you going to allow this to continue? We, who lover our country, pray you won’t. Because, only you the individual, can turn back the tide that is now destroying our liberties and homeland.
Our Founding Fathers had to escape Europe to find freedom. Where will we go when all we have left are ashes???

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