Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Double Murder of Trayvon Martin

By Nicholas Contompasis
Trayvon Martin’s death in Florida by a Neighborhood Watch person was tragic, but why are the promoters of Occupy Wall Street now pushing the same style demonstrations around the country for this young man? They have even gone to the extreme of using one of Gene Sharp’s tactics of passive resistance by having everyone wear hoodies like Trayvon wore when he was killed. You do know that rallies for this boy will be held in every city where Barack Obama has a reelection headquarters?
The answers to these questions lie in the fact that, it’s an election year and this is how our President plays his politics. This style of politics is new to America at the Presidential level and has never been used on our citizens, so most are a bit confused when they see it.
You see our President uses third party organizers to promote street demonstrations that he hopes will become violent. So far, his attempts with Occupy Wall Street have failed, but as we get closer to Election Day and his polls continue to plummet the pressure will be on for results Obama style.
This guy is dangerous America, make no mistake about it. One of these days, one of his demonstrations is going to get out of hand and we’ll all wish we had never seen the likes of President Obama.
For the President to prolong the horror of this death on the national stage is like killing him again. It’s unconscionable and beneath the dignity of a sitting President. This type of behavior is indicative of a powerless minority group who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
So, why, most intelligent people ask, would he do this? And I say, because he’s playing way out of his league and has no concept of what our country is all about. This tactic is obvious and insulting to Americans. It won’t work and will only contribute to the demise of this very dangerous President’s Presidency!!!

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