Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Presidential Mannerism

By Nicholas Contompasis
That President Obama is a pretty smooth character isn’t he? He talks quick, always seems to have an answer and is convincing in a nice-guy kind a way. But, is he someone you can trust? Is he the kind of man that will be honest?  Are smooth-talking convincing characteristics something Americans should look for in a President? Well, the 2008 election said yes to all of the above. America bought his shtick hook line and sinker and went with the latest snake oil salesman that’s ever hit our political scene.
In a few months, America will get to compare the smooth talking slickster President Obama with the robotic style of Mitt Romney. This is going to be a major test for the American people as to who they really are and what they want in a President.
Warm and fussy isn’t Romney. Warm and fussy is Obama. But, after observing character traits for decades, I’ve noticed that robotic people seem to be more honest and by the book than the shucking and jivers of the world, like our current President.   
America will need to get ahold of itself and realize that they’ve been sold a false bill of goods by a man that can’t be trusted, continually lies to them and well, you know the rest. America will need a President that the people believe is telling the truth and has their best interest at heart. Those two characteristics are what Americans need to look for in a President. After four years of being lied too, the people need the truth for once.  

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