Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Smoking Gun Points Straight at the White House

Nicholas Contompasis

"I'm a MoveOn member and a mother, and my two sons look like Trayvon Martin."
This comment was taken from a moveOn.org email sent to teachers around the country today. Sound familiar???
It should, because they are almost the exact words President Obama said when he bent over backwards to personalize the Martin vs Zimmerman shooting last week.
This is no mistake and the modus operandi is obvious. This connection in usage of terminology points straight back to the White House. There is no mistake now that this President is the author of this race baiting incident that is being pushed to fever and riotous pitch.

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uwho said...

Finally, somebody that gets it. Thank you!! It is so so sad, we have come a long way on overcoming thjs racism issue, only to be brought right back by someone who doesn't care one ioda about ANY American. They might have fooled some people into starting a race war but they haven't fooled all of us. IN GOD WE ARE ONE AND I LOVE YOU ALL.