Sunday, March 18, 2012

Team Obama

By Nicholas Contompasis

The word "team" has a reassuring meaning to it when you're dealing with an inexperienced President like Barack Obama. Knowing that this lightweight has a team around him to insure that he doesn't screw up, helps to comfort an unsure public.
But, what if that team's work is ignored or more importantly, what if it doesn't exist at all?
If you Google "Obama Team", you'll come up with over 802,000,000 results. Reassuring huh!!!
It appears that the President's handlers, including the so called mainstream media, are aware of this warm and fuzzy word and haven't wasted any time in linking it with his. As a matter of fact, if you've noticed, many times when he's in trouble on an issue he refers to "his team" that will take care of the problem or "his team" will look into the matter.
For this President the use of the word "team" is really code for scapegoat and it ain't my fault, they did it!!!
After three years of hearing about President Obama's "teams" the American people are starting to understand there aren't any teams, and that the problems that his teams are supposed to be handling aren't handling anything. How can they, they don't exist.
And you wonder why nothing is getting done in America.
Whether by design or pure laziness this President's cavalier attitude for the wellbeing of our country is frightening.
Maybe it's time a real team, our team, takes care of Team Obama.

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