Saturday, March 24, 2012

So Much for Civility on Twitter From the Left as Vice President Cheney Receives a Heart Transplant

By Nicholas Contompasis

I heard a nurse's hand slipped & touched Cheney's original heart & she transformed into a spidergoat & ate 2 babies in the maternity ward.

Wait...he has a heart?!?! "Cheney undergoes heart transplant surgery"

I should point out I want Cheney to have health care like anyone else. Granted, to live to be arrested for war crimes someday, but still.

Too bad they gave a good heart to Cheney.They could have saved a worthwhile life. He's been making it for years with no heart at all.

whisper1111: cheney gets heart transplant but disappointed he wasn't allowed to rip it out of chest of donor

Whatever doctor gave Cheney that heart transplant should be tried for treason and ultimately hanged.

Cheney gets a new heart, still a mean old SOB. Details at 11

If the person who gave Cheney his heart knew about this, I'm sure he'd return from the dead and demand it back

I'm glad Cheney survived his heart transplant because I've always wanted him to die in a horrible fire.

Cheney gets a new heart while countless innocent kids die from thirst, starvation, war, and disease. Still believe in god?

The GOP needs to stop the hypocrisy! Cheney should have been allowed to die! Like all the poor that they don't want to insure!

Maybe he will wake up after recovery with a new extreme remorse.#Cheney Or maybe he will just die.

RoadToPalestine cheney is proof the good dieyoung” war criminals seem to find the fountain of youth, wtf

@politicoroger 65 yo is limit at my institution. This is obviously favoritism at its worst. Some1 younger may die so Cheney can live.

My aunt (staunch Republican) had a heart transplant some years ago. How many ppl will die due to the delay caused by Fuhrer Cheney cutting?

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