Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Global Scholarly Elite

By Nicholas Contompasis
Have you noticed that President Obama has governed like an international movie star, always pleasing world opinion while ignoring domestic pushback and increasing his global reach?
Now, why would the President of the United States ignore his own people and their opinion? Why would he put world opinion first? The answer to these questions may be found in this simple saying “Never put the cart before the horse.”
It seems that Mr. Obama is the cart that has come before the horse. Remember the Nobel Prize for nothing? What was that all about? It appears that Mr. Obama is the designated leader of the world of the so called global scholarly elite. But, unfortunately for Mr. Obama, for now, is without a formal global governmentally structure to lead.
As events and alliances continue to complicate global decisions these elites continue to push for an international governing overlay that would suppress nationalistic decisions that they feel would hinder their agenda.
Agenda! What would their agenda be, the betterment of man, global slavery, global socialism or maybe simply the same old game, money and power? Well, whatever their agenda, we’re about to see the beginning of its formation.
But, there is pushback against this agenda and it’s coming from Italy, France and the American Tea Party, which is rested, tanned and ready for action. Just this morning President Sarkozy of France has announced strict immigration rulings that would curtail the free movement of people into the once lovely country of France. Italy has also seen the evil of this reckless policy of letting just anyone move into their country by restricting immigration.
These so called elite theorists that couldn’t run a lemonade stand seem to be the world’s new enemy with dreams of uniting Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Capitalists, Socialist and yes even the birds in the sky and the rocks on the ground.
Maybe it’s time we pull the plug on this now very dangerous force that is leading the world into unchartered territory, where millions could die and once great nations like ours could crumble from pure stupidity and inexperience.

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