Wednesday, January 4, 2012

President Obama's Columbia University ID Card Just Released - See Anything Unusual?


BalmerLiberal said...

Oh wow. And it's really funny because, you know, Obama was born in KENYA AFRICA where he learned how to JEEHAD with his MOOSLIM BROTHERHOODS!


Anonymous said...

yes, i see something funny. it's fake. when Obama was a student they didn't have bar codes. nice try, though.

Anonymous said...


Walter said...

I'm a conservative but stand for truth no matter what. Conservatives are so gullible sometimes and should check things out before making claims.

Obama is destroying this country and we need to be ensuring that everyone knows how he is doing it. Posting and sending out hoaxes does not lend itself to credibility.

Obama attended Columbia in the early 80's but this card was first issued in March of 1996.

Anonymous said...

Typical lib. Always name calling. I wonder if they now how much people laugh at them? Why doesn't the admin ever say that the people in Kenya are wrong for making a park in honor of Obama, their native son? They all say he was born there. This was reported all over the world, including here, until the Senator from Il decided to run for Prez. It would be interesting to see clips from MSM talking about this pre-prez campaign, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

People forget or overlook a major fact. Any person running for a federal office, job, position, or whatever, that deals with National Security issues, must by pulic law, go through an intensive background check by the FBI. The president as CIC (Commander in Chief) requires a top-secret security clearance before his or her first Pentagon Briefing. Doesn't it stand to reason that something as major as fraud, or lack of citizenship, would have been reported, if in fact that was the case? You can't cover something like that up. The military don't work that way--trust me--I know.

Retired SMSgt, USAF