Tuesday, January 3, 2012


By Nicholas Contompasis

"Presidential" is a term that's been thrown around for decades, so much so, that many have forgotten what it really is. In the Twenty-first Century the term has been watered down to movie star looks and suave movements of the torso. But, in reality Presidential has much more of a psychological role to play with the electorate. Something they know when they see it, but can't quite put their finger on it, if asked to describe it.
If you could bottle Presidential, the likes of Karl Rove, Ed Rollins or David Axelrod would be richer than they already are. They'd be spitting out winning candidates on a annual basis.
To prove a point one must ask, can an ugly disfigured individual be Presidential? Most inside the beltway types would obviously say nay, but I say not so fast. You see, in reality when it comes to being Presidential it's not about what you look like, but what you do with the looks you have.
When a voter observes any Presidential candidate their sub-conscious imagines that person in a crisis and plays out the situation in his or her mind. Unfortunately, for many candidates there is no real track record of them handling a crisis, so it's up to the voter to imagine it in his or her mind. This is how a voter determines whether one is Presidential or not.
But, being Presidential isn't and doesn't have to be such a big mystery if you understand its workings and who uses it on a daily basis. You don't have to go very far either to find hundreds and most likely thousands of people with Presidential qualities.
If you're curious, let me recommend buying a plane ticket to Las Vegas. I knew you'd like that. When you get there, head to the Bellagio, specifically the poker rooms. There, you'll find tables and tables of Presidential.
For at those tables are men, women, ugly, old, young, disfigured and just about any color, shape or size of individuals that can win with a losing hand.
You see, at this point our country needs a good old Presidential poker player, because we sure as hell have a losing hand and we're "all in."

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