Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The New Conservative Governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo

By Nicholas Contompasis

Stop the presses! Pretty soon, that term will be met with clueless expressions. But, I digress. In a very quiet way the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, the young'n of Mario is acting more like a conservative Republican than the Liberal Democrat he is.
Today he announced a new plan for newly hired state employees. He shockingly has adopted a retirement plan for these new people straight out of the Conservative handbook. His plan is to offer new hires an option of a 401-k (employee contribution retirement plan) or a very scaled down pension plan.
As a conservative that has been pushing this idea for decades, it's amazing to finally see a Democrat come to his senses. Although this is a small step, it still shows some flexibility in Mr. Cuomo's politics. Unlike our President, who is more of an ideologue and not willing to bend proving that he's not very American nor political, more dictatorial.
Of course, Conservatives have pushed this idea on a grander scale by suggesting we allow all Americans this duel option, Social Security or their own expanded retirement option, similar to a 401-k.
I feel it would be wise at this juncture in the electoral process, since the more moderate of Democrats are starting to experiment with good old common horse sense, that our Presidential candidates float this trial ballon again. And when the far Left loons start screaming, we can always point to the new Conservative Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

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