Monday, January 2, 2012

Chinese Leader Warns of a China Spring Coming From the West

By Nicholas Contompasis

After weeks of research examining the Arab Spring, there's no doubt that the principals and techniques of Gene Sharp and Peter Ackerman were at work destabilizing the many dictatorships of the Middle East in 2011.
Alarmingly, according President Hu Jintao of China the focus is now on China with its massive population and many subgroups.
Remember the old saying, "if it's breakable, somebodies gonna break it." Well, that is what's going on now in China and they're blaming it on us in the West.
The wireless electronic devices that are now talking to each other around the world, making the world smaller and smaller, are threatening every government that have an angry populous.
To primitive leaders this form of invasion is an act of war. To sophisticated leaders it is war, and we now have the largest populated country in the world interpreting our actions as if we were shooting ICBM's at them.
This is no joke. They could retaliate in-kind, but considering the economic and political condition our country is in, we are relatively stable and it would take a lot more to get Americans violent as in the Middle East. China on the other hand has hundreds of million of underclass that would love to destroy the communist regime that's had a hold on their human rights for over sixty years. The world has been passing them by for decades but now they know it and that can make all the difference in the world.

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