Monday, January 9, 2012

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and What I Really Think It's All About

By Nicholas Contompasis

Why, why, why, why, why now!!!! Why now, does our Congress and our President sign into law the authority to give our military authority to apprehend, detain and execute American citizens without due process. Well, I think I know why!!!
Ever since the President quietly signed the bill while on his lengthy and mysterious Hawaiian Christmas vacation, Ive been wondering why a Republican controlled congress would go along with such mischief.
Yes, they changed the wording to include any individual or U.S. citizen who is involved with al-Qaeda or any affiliated terrorist group, but it seemed so bazarre it would be happening now.
As a loyal and vocal Tea Party member, I've felt it my duty to analyze and distribute my opinions about this Administration's unusual dealings.
At first, my knee jerk reaction was to think that Obama was out to get the dedicated patriots who have stopped his agenda dead in it's tracks. But, as I combined the events occurring around the world into a stew of international intrigue I came to realize that our country is preparing for a massive homeland assault.
Who would do such a thing and for what reason, China, North Korea, Venezuela? Than it hit me, Iran. But of course, after all of the saber rattling that's been going on between the U.S., Israel and Iran it makes sense.
From past information taken from 60 Minutes Iran supposedly has approximately 40,000 members of Hezbollah living here in the United States. It's been long feared that if any action was taken against Iran, the mulla's would unleash this silent army of terrorists on America's quiet neighborhoods and commercial areas spreading terror.
It appears that based on my theory that the passing of the NDAA with this new language implying domestic terrorist activity, we will be attacking Iran soon.
If all of this is correct it seems our government is expecting a long and protracted domestic struggle with these operatives who have most likely lived here all their lives and are U.S. citizens. That explains the U.S. citizen part of the Act, we will be at war with a shadowy enemy who knows everything about us because they are us.

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Peter Four said...

I'll tell you 'why' the points you make are left out of 'coverage.'

"Perception" and precedence.

We all know that the government has redefined many things. In most legislation a "definitions" page is part of the document. This is where common words are redefined for the purpose of context.

B.J.Clinton removed all pretense from his perjury impeachment trial when he blatantly and contemptuously testified that the definition of 'truth' depends on what the definition of "IS"is. Look up that definition. For such a simple word it has profound impact on the english language.

Last month U.S. DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder while under oath testifying before congress responded when asked if he was lying about his knowledge of and involvement in 'Fast and Furious': "lying "IS" a state of mind.

Any other person in the nation would have been in contempt of Congress for such a response. Congress accepted his answer.

Last week I read an article from the EPA that stated U.S. air quality was the worst in the world and compared it to a Chinese city that is #2 in the world for poor air quality. No science. No data. Nothing but the name of the article to hint at the bizarre conclusions. I don't recall the EXACT title, but the last word was: Perception.

If lying "IS" a state of mind, then a 'perception' IS" that state of mind.

My point "IS", that relativism has now reached a status in the common lexicon that enables an entirely new landscape in the common understanding of everyday communication in the common language. I offer up the discredited individual principles of Morality, Ethics, Honor, Integrity and Character as proof of my conclusions.

All of the a fore mentioned previously virtuous principles of an individual today are laid bare via the sword wielded by irresponsible and unaccountable communication. MSM.
The Pen, is mightier than the sword.

In a venue where fact is supposition and evidence is opinion and science is hyperbole truth itself becomes indistinguishable from dream, delusion or fantasy. Perception becomes the new truth.

Government can and has redefined the common lexicon in the false arena of congressional inquiry of truth. Words, no longer hold the same meaning you (or I) commonly believe they do. And the evidence I have offered up "IS" more than sufficient when taken in the context of current government action from both sides of party division.

I could go on here, but the point has been submitted with adequate evidence.